Once again, it is that time of the year summer trips are here, and now is a great time to plan for something new. Something that will help you release some stress, and speaking of work or school stress, nothing beats the healing power of summer camps. This being one of the outdoor activities, here are some benefits of camping over dinner dates, partying, or road trips.

Benefits of Camping


Enjoy and unplug the simplicity of nature, forget about your iPad gaming consoles, and replace them with your peace of mind. Your mind and body will thank you for that week, and you will return home energized and refreshed. Camping allows you to stay away from all kinds of noise, exposing you to a calm environment that will heal your whole year’s noise and give your body peace.

More Exercise
The whole planning and setting your campsite requires a lot of physical exercise, which is good for your health. It is even proofed that GYM workouts play a small role in transforming your body; most of your body transformation is shaped with little walking we make during the day. And camping, one of the hikes and other activities, helps you burn some extra calories.

Reduced Stress
One of the crucial health benefits of hiking and camping is that it helps relieve some stress by removing all the usual triggers like traffic and work pressure of city life, replacing them with familiar and stunning birds songs and the sounds of beach waves. The real point is much more therapeutic than yoga or MP3 songs.

Better Sleep
The melatonin hormone is the one that is responsible for your wake or sleep cycles. When you are stuck in your class or office or working un an artificial lighting system, your melatonin levels drop, affecting your sleep. Replacing those LD lights with natural light in your camping can help restore your melatonin levels, thus an improved sleep.